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Planning a long hike and need some meal ideas? Here are five of my favorite backpacking dinner recipes for thru-hiking and overnight backpacking trips…

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List of things to pack when going on a Scout backpacking outing. Good for any group or individual backpacking trip.

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All you need to know about backpacking The Philippines. This is a budget backpackers guide to the Philippines including costs, transport, food, culture & more.

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It’s amazing how some backpacking gear myths persist, even when there’s ample evidence to the contrary. Here are my favorites. 1. Two people can fit in a 2 person tent.

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In case you’re considering backpacking yourself, I wanted to give a few tips to help you out on your next manly expedition.

This week’s question is about one of my favorite topics: sex on the road! Hi Kate, I’m a HUGE fan of your blog. I’m planning to travel the world and I’ve

Includes mountaineering, hiking, camping and backcountry gear.

Travelling on a budget in Japan is tough, but it’s totally possible. Find out how to go backpacking in Japan on a cheap budget.

Outward Bound specializes in outdoor leadership programs, experiential learning, and wilderness adventures. Get more information here.