Total Fat g/12 oz: 0 Saturated Fat g/12 oz: 0 Trans Fat g/12 oz: 0 Cholesterol mg/12 oz: 0 Dietary Fiber g/12 oz: less than 1g

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Wisconsin- Light Lager- Gold Medal 2014 GABF. Pours a pale straw yellow color. Aromas of fresh corn and adjunct grains with subtle hints of lemon and grass.

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Hieronder staan tabellen met een aantal biermerken uit diverse landen buiten Nederland en Belgiƫ. Merk Soort Alcoholpercentage Brouwerij; Tango: lager: 4,8-5,2%

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California: Five Threads Brewing Co. Lucy Tatiana Ayazo/, Courtesy Five threads brewing co. Blonde ales are often overlooked as being middle-of-the-road beers

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