Green eyes are beautiful but also very rare. No worries though, we managed to find quite a few green-eyed ladies for you. There are 1,433 green eyes galleries available.

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The rarest eye color out of the blue,green,brown trio and by far the most exotic and addicting. Most people lust after green eyes, and find them to be incredibly

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Most women with green eyes get countless compliments on a daily basis because of how their gorgeous eye color is. Here is the best hair color for green eyes with

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Joan Wise’s Greeneyes offers catfighting, facesitting, female fighting, wrestling domination, ass smothering, face sit, women wrestling, mixed wrestling, and ass

What is the best hair color for green eyes? It is not easy to come by green eyes because they are rare in distribution. That means getting your best makeup can also

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How does one get green eyes? Does it change? Find out the the myths, misconceptions, science, and all the fun facts associated with green eyes.

Makeup for green eyes looks should be focused on enhancing your eye color with the use of complementary eye shadows and eyeliners. I’m going to give you th

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Green eyes are very rare in people. Learn about why people have green eyes and how they are so unique! Male celebrities with green eyes. Green eyes poll!

Every makeup bag needs the right neutral eye shadow, and for women with green eyes, makeup artist Erica Whelan swears by taupe. “The warmer undertones are more

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How to Do Makeup for Green Eyes. Green eyes are rare and beautiful. They deserve to be enhanced. Makeup is a great way to bring attention to eyes, but there are

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