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Learn how to effectively conduct a critical conversation about a particular topic, or topics, that allows participation by all members of your organization.

A process where an individual who is agreed upon and acceptable to all of a group’s members intervenes to assist the group in solving problems and making decisions to

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What are facilitation skills? Why do you need facilitation skills? How do you facilitate? How do you plan a good facilitation process? Facilitating a meeting or

Group Process Facilitation 95

The Helix Group is a management consulting firm, providing process improvement methodologies and training which result in team-developed solutions for strategic and

1 Part I of Peer Support Group Facilitation Skills Kevin Henze, Ph.D., CPRP Patricia Sweeney, Psy.D., CPRP New England MIRECC Peer Education Center

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2 Working With Groups: A Group Facilitation Manual Date: September 2009 PROCEED, Inc. wishes to acknowledge the authors of this guide, Drs. Raquel C. Andres Hyman and

Facilitation in business, organizational development (OD), and in consensus decision-making refers to the process of designing and running a successful meeting.

Group Facilitation Types of Groups Part 1 Definition: Facilitation is defined as “to make something easier.” Within a group setting, facilitation is the process

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This page provides resources and group exercises for group dynamics, small groups and community building that enhance personal communications and personal relationships.