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National Sexual Offender Registries, Sex Offenders Registry, sex criminal record checks, missing ren, and related links.

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Illinois’s sex offender registry, searchable by name, county, city, or ZIP code.

Sexual Predator/Offender Tracking (SPOT) The St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office Special Victim’s Unit (SVU) manages the team of specialized detectives and

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Registered Sex Offender. The Registered Sex Offenders pages on this site have been discontinued. The site maintained by the Texas DPS now has improved search

The National Sex Offenders Registry. Do Registered Sex Offenders live in your neighborhood? Find out with the registered sex offenders list.

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Family Watch is a free service to help locate registered sex offenders and predators in your neighborhood

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Registered offenders list the national sex offenders registry. Access information on 491,720 registered sex offenders. Do sex offenders live in your neighborhood?

A registered sex offender is a person, male or female, who has been convicted of a crime involving a sexual act where the federal, state or local laws require them to

Registry of California Sex Offenders.

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